Parents' Corner

“I would like to congratulate NPS Whitefield for the seamless transformation to virtual classrooms and disciplined execution of curriculum and academic activities.”

(From the Parent of VINAYAK, Class 8E)

“We have taken admission this year. Our complete experience of admission and on boarding was fantastic.”

(From the Parent of VIRAJ SARJERAO PATIL, Class 7E)

“I would like to thank the entire school faculty and management team for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times.”

(From the Parent of SNNEHIL, Class 6B)

“We are extremely happy the way teachers have been conducting online classes and our ward’s holistic development.”

(From the Parent of SHAYON BANERJEE, Class 5C)

“Learning via MS teams, ensured the kids did not miss out on their school year and are getting their required education in the best possible way.”

(From the Parent of NEEL MENON, Class 4B)

“He eagerly looks forward to joining the sessions in the morning. We are happy we enrolled our child at NPS.”

(From the Parent of SOHAM DAS, Class 3D)

“Team NPS has done a fabulous job - this reflects on multiple aspects that include training, motivation, experience ++ and leadership of the administration.”

(From the Parent of ADVAITH KALYAN, Class 2B)

“I had my own inhibitions that learning will take a setback during these difficult times, but not anymore, learning has been so much fun despite the change in mode of education.”

(From the Parent of TANISHI SHARMA, Class 1C)

“Last academic year, my son was excited to go to school every day. Now, this year, he is excited and looks forward to meet his teachers and friends during the scheduled online classes.”

(From the Parent of VIHAAN MUTYALA, KG2-C)

“Last year we as parents didn't know anything. This year we appreciate the effort put in to teach; with fun activities, puppets, pop up boxes and handmade crafts.”

(From the Parent of SHREIYA, KG1-E)

“Learning is fun totally, concept related videos, practice work, art, and craft. My son waits for class, the bond which has built over virtual classes is impressive.”

(From the Parent of SHAURYA HADIMANI, Nursery A)