Classrooms at NPS Whitefield are well lit and spacious. Each classroom comes with a smart board and will be under CCTV surveillance, to ensure safety of each child. Students are encouraged to decorate their classrooms and display their creative work on the boards. Each section will have a maximum of 30 students only.


The school is equipped with Math, Science - Physics, Chemistry & Biology and Computer labs. Language labs will be introduced to help the students as they explore new languages apart from their mother tongue.


The school comes with 2 libraries which is home to a number of books spread across different subjects and languages. It is also a home to plenty of novels and comic books, to encourage the reading habits among students. A separate library for the primary and secondary students ensure that the collection of books will be on the basis of their interests and reading capabilities. A media library gives access to the students to the audio-visual books and other educational documentaries.

The Music Room

A dedicated music room and faculty ensures to offer a variety of classes covering instrumental and vocal lessons.

The Art Room

Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Artistic pursuits produce thinking patterns and abilities that transfer to other areas of life. Be it painting or theatre, the art room is a place where a kid can explore his/her creativity beyond the books and sports.

Play Ground

NPS Whitefield has more than 2 acres of campus dedicated to the playground which includes a football ground, a running trail, a basketball court and multi-purpose courts. It also has a play area and sand pit area for the younger kids to play and explore. The multipurpose hall is equipped with indoor games like chess and table tennis.

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