Parents' Corner

“…The child’s journey from Nursery to KG2 has been fantastic and has fun filled memories. We, as parents, believe that foundation years are really important for building self-confidence, being independent and getting proficient in literacy which covers listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. As the saying goes "Teachers are the second parents", the faculty of NPS Whitefield is incredible and the children are guided well, with affection…

…The transition to online connect set-up was implemented very effectively by paying attention to intricate details by the school team, so that kids do not miss out on anything. During online classes, teachers ensure that every child gets sufficient attention. The children are able to connect well with the classmates and teachers…”

(From the parent of ADVAITH ANU MENON, KG2 A)

“…We are glad that we decided to admit our ward into NPS Whitefield, under the supervision of learned and experienced teachers…

…Our child is always excited to attend the class. He is able to understand the lessons and connect with the teachers well. The way lessons are scheduled with the emphasis on development of motor skills, deserves a special mention and celebration of festivals of different regions, covering the background and story on the same, helps children in understanding our traditions and culture. An extra mention to the efforts of teachers in creating the videos for the kids to understand and revise the concepts taught in the class…”

(From the parent of VIVAAN KATHURIA, Nursery A)

“…The teacher-student interaction during the classes is very engaging and we have seen that the teachers are putting in lot of efforts the potential of the children. The bonding of the teacher with students has been remarkable…

The teaching is activity-based and classes on music, dance, art and craft are amazingly helpful. The activity-based teaching model works well in bringing the intellect of the child…”

(From the parent of KAIRA MOHANTY, Nursery B)

“…I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and the Management for the efforts they are putting-in together, to teach our children, right from preparing lessons to making kids learn in a fun-filled manner…

I really appreciate the fact that focus is not just on completing the syllabus but also to ensure that children learn…

The worksheets are always creative which children enjoy. Also, the children feel very comfortable during the interaction session with the teachers. The activities undertaken in class, keep the children engaged during the connect time…”

(From the parent of HARSHAVARDAN B, KG1 D)

“…I thank the school for managing online classes with appropriate discipline and I thank the teachers too. I admire the curriculum followed…

…The teachers are amazing! Their style of teaching, maintaining discipline, teaching good values in the assemblies are worth appreciation…”

(From the parent of ANANYA MISHRA, Class 1A)

“…My child enjoys attending school and is independently conscientious of submitting homework in a timely manner, all thanks to the engaging nature of the teachers.

…Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for exemplary teaching in unprecedented times.”

(From the parent of ANASUYA GAURI LODHA, Class 1A)

“…We were never prepared for such a situation. Every industry has been impacted. But within a very short span of time, the teachers, the support staff and the school admin managed to make the learning happen through virtual mode.

This is a great success story for the school!...”

(From the parent of ARYAA MISHRA, Class 2B)

“I would like to congratulate all teachers for doing a fabulous job. Pandemic has not been easy on us, but the way the monthly reviews and dictations have been scheduled regularly, has helped my child to be up to date with the syllabus.

I really appreciate the way Teachers are going the extra mile and giving consistent efforts to keep the learning on for children.

My heartfelt congratulations to the Class teacher for her marvellous contribution towards the children. She maintains the right discipline and decorum in the class while teaching…”

(From the parent of ANIKA SINGH, Class 2C)

“…we would like to share our experience with NPS Whitefield. We are very happy with the pedagogy and overall development of our child in the school. A special mention of their teaching style, which is awesome…”

(From the parent of SHIVANSH RAI, Class 2D)

“…These are difficult times for students as well as for teachers. On-line class is not the best way of education. Inspite of all these issues, we see improvement in focus, participation and learning in our child. She is self-dependent and does most of the tasks related to her class. They are getting best out of these situations…”

(From the parent SIYONA DIGARI, Class 2E)

“…We really appreciate the efforts given by all pillars of school – the Management, the Admin, the Coordinators, the teachers and the entire supporting staff…”

(From the parent of KRISHIV SHAHI, Class 2E)

“…The teacher devotes time before starting the class to engage the children, by encouraging them to share riddles and science facts which makes children prepare well for the classes that follows. Her ability to manage the kids while giving them the freedom to express themselves is truly commendable…”

(From the parent of JANAKI MANOJ, Class 2F)

“We are very content with the online classes. All the teachers are doing a phenomenal job of teaching via online mode. Special thanks to the Class teacher, for her exceptional teaching skills and patience. She listens to children’s and parents’ queries and resolves them in no time. Overall, we are pleased with the NPS’s approach towards virtual classes.”

(From the parent of VIVAAN KRISHNA, Class 3E)

“…We feel very content with the interaction with the teachers. The teachers are cooperative, understanding and proactive in solving the problems parents face. Also, the teachers interact with the kids in soft and patient manner, listens to them and make them feel comfortable…”

(From the parent of AURNA CHATTERJEE, Class 6C)

“…Every teacher is dedicated. Right from homework corrections to examination paper-setting, all the arrangements are worth appreciating…”

(From the parent of AMIT SANTOSH MUDALIAR, Class 7A)

“The PTMs are very well organised and we are glad to be a part of NPS family.”

(From the parent of VIVAAN SHAH, Class 8A)

“The arrangement of PTMs and online sessions is very well managed and explanations given by teachers is very effective.”

(From the parent of SHRAVANI SHITAL PANDHARPATTE, Class 8A)

“…We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation towards NPS Whitefield’s management and team for the outstanding job they have done and are continuously doing towards making the online education seem-less for the children.

…When the academic session started in 2020, the way NPS’s teachers were able to navigate through the children and manage/ monitor them online, along with training them on MS Teams, has just been amazing! The efforts were supported well by the technical team of NPS. We do understand and appreciate that in order to make it happen, a lot of effort must have gone in to implement the technology, create the necessary infrastructure as well as train the teachers…”

(From the parent of MEETALI BANKA, Class 9A)

“NPS Whitefield school is among the top schools in our entire nation which delivers high-quality, undisrupted, punctual online academic class programs with high rigor bridging mostly the gaps of the offline class sessions.

We rate the school communication related to academics with five stars, the entire NPS team worked so hard compiling every nitty gritty detail and on-time delivery during 2020-21. The NPS team covers every aspect associated with Class / Individual Section Progress, photos, videos, and regular events happening at school level.”

(From the parent of SAMBHAV SATISH JAIN, Class 7E)

“As a parent, I can assure you that everything from transition to online schooling, books distribution, to communication and interaction with admin staff was handled very well.

The quality of classes, patience-level of the teachers, the zeal with which they have taken up the challenge of delivering classes online, the discipline maintained in the class and the endless efforts to keep the children motivated - have been a learning for us as parents.

I have seen my kids grow everyday with your effort and I have seen how well teachers have handled the difficult situation.”

(From the parent of YASH BAKSHI, Class 3D & VED BAKSHI, Class 6A)

“Touched beyond words’ with the heartfelt efforts of the entire NPS Whitefield team, especially the teachers to make the online classes so very informative and interactive for the students.

We as parents completely understand the challenges faced by all, it was not easy to conduct and impart knowledge to the students using the online mode.

Thanks to all co-curricular teachers as well, for engaging the children in activities.”

(From the parent of VEDA KOHLI, Class 6A)

“Firstly, we appreciate you having introduced PE sessions in the KG2 curriculum. This is especially important given the present circumstances, where children have been mostly confined to home. Despite the limited space available indoors, and despite having to interact remotely, the PE teacher is doing an excellent job. Her sessions are very interesting, and our son finds them particularly enjoyable.”

(From the parent of ABHIRAM ATREYA, KG2-B)