Art Education Project- 2022-23

“Art enables us to find ourself and love ourself at the same time.”

Every channel of the artistic medium serves to highlight not only our creative aspect, but gives us a medium to express our thoughts, feelings, and desires. It is a great way of discovering one’s passions and gives us an opportunity to find a new way to love ourselves. NPS Whitefield believes in this and therefore never fails to provide an opportunity to encourage the talented students under its care to pursue their fervor related to Art and Craft.

3rd June 2022 provided a new lease of life to our budding artists, who post the Pandemic had resumed school and looked forward to every avenue that would enable them to bring out both the educative and creative aspect of learning.

The event was conducted for the students of Class 9 & 10, as an Interhouse Competition, in the very open and spacious campus of the school. The theme centred around the Art of Mask making, (Mukhota) which was paired with the state of Uttarakhand for the students of Class 9. Students of Class 10 showcased their creativity by Making amazing shadow puppets.

The energy and excitement of the students was almost tangible as they meticulously proceeded with their work, which involved the utilization of reusable and organic materials, keeping in mind the theme of “Environment Day” which was just around the corner.

A panel of distinguished judges comprising of Principal Ms. Alka Gupta and handpicked teachers were quite amazed at the spectacular and vivid presentation. It was indeed a delightful start to a year, and calling it a monotony breaker, would be cinching the very spirit of the initiative.

Art Education Project - 2022-23